Wine bottles can be recycled into more wine bottles, of course. But they can also be recycled (some would say upcycled) into some fun and clever products. Take a look at some of the recycled wine bottle products I’ve come across.

Grow Bottle – Wine bottles become hydroponic herb gardens in this Grow Bottle that includes everything you need to get started: the bottle, clay pebbles, wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster, and seeds. Chose from organic Basil, organic Chive, or heirloom mint Grow Bottles. ($35 from Uncommon Goods)

Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers – These fun, multi-colored tumblers aren’t just made from recycled wine bottles. They’re made from wine bottles that were already made with recycled glass. Each glass holds 12 ounces and are great for wine, mixed drinks or non-alcoholic beverages. They are dishwasher safe. ($20 from Zappos)

Recycled Glass Bottle Platters – Wine and cheese are perfect complements, and these cutting boards made from recycled wine bottles make great cutting boards for cheese when you’re entertaining. Available with or without the cheese spreader, chose from cobalt blue or green. ($15 - $18 from Uncommon Goods)

Candles – The bottom half of a cobalt blue wine bottle turns into a larger than average votive soy candle. Soy candles are cleaner and longer burning than conventional candles. Choose from unscented or 8 different scents. ($19.99 from The Earth Glass Project)

Jewelry – Trudi Madison is a “glass bead & jewelry imaginer.” She turns wine bottles into glass beads that she pieces together for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more in her Wickedly Wild Recycled Wine Collection. (prices vary from Trudi Madison).

Images: Uncommon Goods; Zappos; Uncommon Goods; The Earth Glass Project; Trudi Madison 

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Look what can be done with a wine bottle
Wine bottles can be recycled into some very useful and beautiful items.