Are you a Scrabble player? If you’re a fan of the board game, then the bank of words you can use to prove your vocabulary prowess is about to increase by 5,000 words. PCMag announced that the next edition of the "Official Scrabble Players Dictionary" will have the addition of that many words when it’s released this week.

There’s a partial list of the words that has been released, and two foodie words are included – "mojito" and "yuzu" (a sour Japanese citrus fruit). With the huge foodie culture that has grown over the past decade or so, I imagine that several of the new words will have to do with food. (I wonder if “foodie” will be on the list?)

Many of the new words that have been leaked by Merriam Webster are recent additions to the vernacular due to technology. "Selfie," "hashtag," "webinar," "webzine" and "vlog" are all now officially Scrabble-approved words.

We’ll be taking our family vacation in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to make it as technology-free as possible so we can chillax (another new official Scrabble word). The Scrabble game will be making the trip, though. And now, my teenaged sons will be to call on words they commonly use like "bromance" and "frenemy" when they try to beat their writer mom at a word game.

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'Mojito' and other food-focused words added to Scrabble dictionary
The popular rum cocktail joins "selfie," "hashtag" and thousands of others that Scrabble players can now argue over.