My friends John and Lisa from the great blog John and Lisa are Eating In South Jersey did a little tribute to rosé wine on their blog this week. If you’re like me, the minute you see pink in a wine bottle you flash back to your early wine drinking days of super sweet, really inexpensive White Zinfandel.

I have shied away from any pink wine for years because of the belief that pink equals not so good. A couple of weeks ago, John and Lisa came for dinner and brought, gasp, a bottle of pink wine. After my initial (completely quiet and to myself) reaction it occurred to me that they probably know something I don’t know. They both love wine, and I quickly decided that I was going to trust them and keep an open mind. Glad I did.

The wine they brought, Parallele 45 by Paul Jaboulet Aine from the Cotes du Rhone region of France, was very different than I thought it was going to be when I first eyed the bottle. It was sweet, but not sugary sweet. It had lots of fruity flavors running through it, but it didn’t taste like fruit juice. I really liked it, and it was a great accompaniment to the Honey Chicken Kabobs I served.

In fact, I was so impressed that I’m going to make it one of my summer projects to try more rosé wine during the warmer months. (Who said summer projects have to be drudgery?)

I’m going to try to hunt down some organic and/or sustainably grown rosé wines. I’ll probably see if I can find the one the folks over at one of my favorite wine sites Organic Wine Review recommend in this video. Then, I’ll see if I can find some of the ones I’ve mentioned after the video. If you have a favorite rosé wine, let me know about it in the comments.

Other wines I'm going to give a go:

  • I’ve had luck with Bonterra Vineyard’s Zinfandel and Viognier, so I have high hopes for their Rosé.
  • Stellar Organics makes a Really Ravishing Red that I liked, so perhaps their Rather Revealing Rosé that is described as a dry and light will appeal to me.
  • Frog’s Leap La Grenouille Rouganté is a dry pink from a vineyard that grows all its grapes organically and is run on 100% solar power.
  • Local to me, Villa Milagro in Finesville, NJ makes Rubia, a slightly sweet blush wine with fruity, perfumed notes, is light, fresh, with a clean flavor, perfect for these fading days of summer.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Organic rosé wine
Get over the belief that all pink wines taste like the cheap White Zin you drank when you were 21.