Love the sweet, lemony flavor of lemongrass -- but haven't mastered the art of Thai cuisine to cook with it? Taste it in a ready-mixed tea. I discovered Rishi Tea's Orange Blossom Organic Green Tea at Co-opportunity a few weeks ago, and recommend it to all who love lemongrass.

The floral, citrusy fragrance and flavor is wonderful to wake up to. This loose leaf tea mixes green tea not just with lemongrass, but also lemon myrtle and essential oils of orange, lime and tangerine for a complex mix of citrus flavors. Plus, the tea also includes osthmanthus flowers, rose flavor, and jasmine essential oil. In fact, if you're not actually a fan of the taste of green tea but like to drink it for health reasons, the Orange Blossom tea's a good choice for you. Each cup a rich, drinkable bouquet, with the floral and fruitiness much more noticeable than the smooth and mellow taste of the green tea.

Rishi Tea Orange Blossom Organic Green Tea 

Plus, the Orange Blossom tea's organic -- and fair trade certified too. The green tea's grown by the Xuan En Fair Trade Organic Cooperative in Hubei, China.

Recyclable 2.4-ounce cans of Orange Blossom Organic Green Tea's available for about $9 at Co-opportunity and other stores. Oddly, Rishi Tea's own web store only sells it in bulk packages, ranging from $4 for an ounce to $45.75 for a pound.

Organic tea for lemongrass lovers
Enjoy the sweet, lemony flavor of lemongrass -- in an organic, fair trade certified tea.