Everyone has an opinion about the large-size soda ban that New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his city council approved earlier this month. The ban, which will go into effect next March, will limit the size of sodas served at concession stands, restaurants and food carts. Some people say the ban is in the public interest and will help fight obesity and diseases like diabetes. Others say it’s infringing on personal liberties and it’s not the governments business to place limits on what someone can eat or drink.


NBC’s sitcom “Parks & Recreation” tackles both sides of the argument tonight. Watch the preview.



If you think the writers of the show are exaggerating the size of the sodas that are available, you might want to think about this. In 2007 7-Eleven introduced the Team Gulp, a 128 oz. (that’s one gallon) fountain soda. Can the child size be far behind?


I’ve never seen “Parks & Recreation” before, but I think I’m going to try to catch this episode to see they present both sides of the issue. Will you?


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'Parks & Recreation' takes on NYC's soda ban
Tonight’s episode of the sitcom will look at both sides of the issue that has some people saying the soda ban is good for public health and others saying its