Beer pong is a common drinking game played by college students. It’s a simple game, really. A ping pong ball is tossed into a cup of beer. If the person tossing the ping pong ball makes it in, the opposing team has to drink. If he misses it, his team has to drink. The more you drink, the more you miss, the more you drink ...

Colleges are now warning their students to not play beer pong because it’s helping to spread the H1N1 virus. Students frequently drink out of a common cup in the game, and the ball that ends up in the beer gets handled by many different people during the game. It’s an ideal situation for spreading viral infections including the H1N1 virus.

One solution being thrown around is to use a glass full of water to throw the ball in, and keep a separate glass of beer for each person to drink from. Whether college students who are eager to play the drinking game are all that concerned about keeping away from germs, who knows.

This situation, of course, makes perfect fodder for the Saturday Night Live crew. 


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Play beer pong, get swine flu
Colleges are warning students to not play the popular party game to stop the spread of H1N1.