The folks over at Life Without Plastic were kind enough to send me a couple of of their Freezycup popsicle molds for review. I have two young children and the idea of being able to easily make our own popsicles was an attractive one. I'm also keen on avoiding plastic whenever possible so the food grade stainless steel Freezycups were a big plus.


They sent me two Freezycups, complete with silicone gaskets and reusable bamboo sticks. We loaded each of them up with my kids' favorite kinds of juice and put them in the freezer. After a good night of sleep and long day at school and work, we reconvened in the kitchen and pulled out the pops.


They worked great. The cups flair our at a nice angle out to the base so they came out of the molds without a problem (running them under warm water for a quick moment helps). The stainless steel guard helped keep melting juice off my kids' hands while the cup was a handy place to stash the popsicle whilst having a brain freeze.


The Freezycups were easy to clean and can use regular popsicle sticks in lieu of the bamboo sticks they come with if you should ever lose them.


My only issues with the Freezycup is that they're not very stable in the freezer and that they are a bit pricey. The Freezycup is tall with a narrow base and it was a bit of a challenge to find a way for them to stand in my crowded freezer for their initial freeze. I would have loved to have had a stand to place them in, something like test tube stand that would allow for individual Freezycups to be put in or taken out.


But at $8 per Freezycup, that stand could be expensive to fill. If I wanted to get enough to make popsicles for me, my fiancee, and children, I'm looking at dropping over thirty bucks. Add in a couple of extra cups for some friends and it could be a fifty dollar trip to the online store.


Freezycups are worth the money if you have it to spend (or are especially die-hard with anti-plastic zeal), but otherwise you'd be just fine using dixie cups, ice cube trays, or yogurt cups to make your own popsicles.


Full disclosure: Life Without Plastic sent me two molds to review for free.



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Review: Life Without Plastic Freezycup steel popsicle mold
The Freezycup popsicle mold makes it easy to make your own frozen treats without using a bit of plastic. It's a great product, if a bit pricey.