One of my favorite local wine stores, Kress Wine in Cherry Hill, N.J., put out the word today on Facebook that it is now an official dropoff site for ReCORK, a natural cork recycling organization. When I went to ReCORK’s site to check it out, I found a video featuring celebrity spokesman Rob Schneider.

In the video, Schneider heads to Portugal because he has adopted the “Save Miguel” cause. In a goofy twist (of course there’s a goofy twist in a Schneider video), it turns out Miguel is a cork tree. Schneider proceeds to learn about the environmental benefits of natural cork and the threats to a resource that offsets more than 10 million tons of carbon each year and provides ahabitat to many endangered species. 

Goofy, right? But, the video also contains some great basic information. You can use ReCork's dropoff location finder to find a place to take your wine corks for recycling. If you're concerned about corks overflowing in your junk drawer, do what I do. I keep all my corks in a flower vase on top of my microwave until I'm able to get them to a place where they will be recycled.

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Rob Schneider picks his environmental cause: Wine corks
The actor travels to Portugal to save Miguel, a cork tree that's being threatened by our obsession with doing things more cheaply and quickly. (No, this isn't t