I’ve had several rosé wines recently, and I think if you’re looking for something different for a Mother’s Day celebration this year, you might want to try a little pink in your wine glass. Here are a few sustainable rosé that have impressed me lately.

  • Atrea Skid Rosé Wine (2012) – I had this Mendocino County blend of mostly organic Malbec and some Grenache on my recent trip to California. It’s on the wine list at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant in San Francisco, and it was a wonderful dry rosé, a little fruity, a little earthy. It retails for about $16.
  • Vinha da Defesa Rosé (2012) – This is a wine that I was sent by the winery to sample. It’s a blend of Syrah and Aragones (Grenache). It’s a lovely pink color. It’s a dry wine, a little sweeter than the Skid Rosé, but not overly sweet. Cherry was the predominant fruit I tasted in it. The Portuguese winery that makes this wine is committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability. It retails for about $15.
  • Carraccioli Cellars Brut Rose (2007) – Another lovely wine I tasted on my California trip, this sparkling rosé is from the Monterey region. It’s a blend of 60 percent Chardonnay and 40 percent Pinot Noir. It had a very nice balance of fruits and was a nice complement to some spicy nuts we were munching on while tasting. It retails for about $57.
Of course, not everyone’s wine store will carry these wines, so there’s always the option of stopping by a local winery’s tasting room this Friday evening and asking to taste their rosés. Many wineries have at least one varietal, and some will also have a sparkling varietal.

If you’d like to have a little fun with your rosé, I have a recipe for a Spanish Style Sangria using dry rosé on my South Jersey Locavore blog. It’s a very different type of Sangria, much lighter than one made with red wine, and everyone I’ve ever served it to has enjoyed it. If you find yourself with a bottle of inexpensive rosé that you’d like to enhance a bit, this recipe that adds the juice of oranges, lemons and limes (plus some sugar) to the wine will do it.

Do you have a favorite sustainable rosé that you enjoy drinking?

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Rosé for Mother's Day
Think sustainable pink for mom this Mother’s Day when you’re planning your celebrations.