I’m not crazy about all the pinkification that goes on in October with companies that suddenly turn their product's packaging pink and donate a couple of cents to an unfamiliar organization in support of breast cancer awareness. Family blogger Jenn has some great guidelines to follow to make sure consumers don’t get pinkwashed – fooled into thinking the money you spend on a pink product is really going to make a difference.

When my good friend and beer expert Tara Nurin told me about a project she was involved in to help create a pink beer for Breast Cancer Awareness month, though, I was interested in finding out about it. I know Tara wouldn’t be involved in anything that wasn’t worthwhile.

Last Friday night I went to the Saison de Rose release party at The Devil’s Den in Philadelphia. The beer, which name means Season of Pink, was unveiled to the public by Tara and the three female beer professionals she collaborated with, Erin Wallace, Marnie Old, and Carolyn Smagalski. They made a video to talk about why they created Saison de Rose.

Lionize Saison de Rose from Matthew Stumpf on Vimeo.

The brewer of this pink beer is Free Will Brewing Co. Free Will is a three-year old brewery that’s making great beers and working on their sustainability along the way. They’re already putting in processes like reusing their cooling water and they send their spent grain to a local cattle farmer for feed. As they grow, they hope to implement more energy saving/harnessing practices like solar and new modern equipment that is more efficient.  

I enjoyed the Saison de Rose. It’s a Belgian-style Saison with Ruby pink grapefruit, ginger and hibiscus finished with pink and black peppercorns. It’s light and citrusy. $100 from each keg and $1 from each bottle of Saison de Rose will go the Rena Rowan Breast Center at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. It’s estimated that the project will bring in $10,000 in donations for the center from the sales of the beer.

Saison de Rose is available at several beer pubs throughout the Philadelphia, P.A. region.

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Saison de Rose: Pink beer raises funds for Penn’s Rena Rowan Breast Center
Philadelphia’s top women in beer worked with Free Will Brewing Co. to create a seasonal beer. A portion of the sales benefit breast cancer research.