There’s a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate here on MNN that’s delicious. It’s a great treat as a reward after shoveling the driveway and sidewalks when it snows. It’s not something I can make daily when I need a hot beverage to warm me up, though. Those calories would add up way too quickly.

I’ve recently started drinking Yogi Tea’s Aztec Sweet Chili. It satisfies my desire for a flavorful drink that warms me up without adding unneeded calories. I don’t add anything to the steeped tea; it’s great as is.

This is a spicy tea. It’s made with organic spices like cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves that give it a nice kick. When I first tried the tea, it was quite a surprise. I find that many teas end up tasting like a variation on hot water when I drink them plain. The Aztec Sweet Chili tea is a different experience. I feel like I am drinking a drink – not just hot water.

Many of the products that I write about are ones that are sent to me for review, but this is one product that I’m telling you about just because I really like it. My office is drafty and I find myself often reaching for a mug of something hot during the day since the weather has been so cold lately. I like that I can enjoy a cup or two of this tea each day without having to worry about adding calories.

Have you tried Aztec Sweet Chili tea or do you have a recommendation for a really flavorful tea that satisfies you without anything added?

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