Sometimes when you invite craft beer-loving friends to your home to sit around the fire pit, you end up with a fridge full of beer. Last weekend, that's what happened to me. Among the beers left behind was a six-pack of Shiner Ruby Redbird.

I stared at Ruby Redbird all week, wondering if I’d like a beer made with tart ruby red grapefruit and a kick of ginger. Last night, I decided to open one and was pleasantly surprised.

Shiner Ruby Redbird (ABV 4.01%) is a light, golden, summery beer with a hint of citrusy grapefruit when it first hits your tongue. Then the ginger comes at the end and lingers. I really liked that. It’s refreshing and will be lovely on a hot summer day.

What really surprised me about this beer was how well it paired with the plain cheese pizza we had for dinner last night. I was not expecting it to be a good complement, but I had the can open when the delivery guy came so I went with it. I know pizza and beer are supposed to be a winning combination, but I often find the bitterness of a beer to be too much of a contrast to the savoriness of a pizza. I usually drink red wine with my pizza, but I’m glad to have found a beer that I can drink seamlessly with a slice.

Shiner is a craft beer made at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. At more than 100 years old, Spoetzl is one of the country’s oldest and largest independent breweries. A few years ago, Spoetzl built a facility that treats wastewater and utilizes green energy. An anaerobic reactor offsets Spoetzl’s natural gas usage by recovering biogas from the wastewater treatment process. It then gets turned into a fuel source in the brewery’s dual-fuel boiler.

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Shiner Ruby Redbird: Summer beer with a hint of citrus
With a low ABV and its citrus and ginger flavors, this beer is easy drinking for the warm weather.