One of my favorite summer recipes is Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs. This past Saturday, I started to marinate the chicken and vegetables to grill that evening. We ended up changing our plans, and we didn’t cook at home. The next night, my back went out, and I didn’t cook. Pizza was ordered.

On Monday, the skies opened up, and grilling wasn’t going to happen. So I decided to give something a try. I threw the chicken, vegetables and the marinade in the slow cooker and turned it on low until the chicken had cooked all the way through.

Since I don’t have permission to reprint the recipe in it’s entirety, you’ll have to head to Allrecipes to get the ingredients for the marinade. In addition to cut up chicken pieces, I used mushroom, onion, green bell pepper, zucchini and yellow squash in the recipe.

I don’t think you need to let it marinade for two days. I would think six hours to overnight would be just fine.

When the chicken was cooked all the way through, I separated the pieces from the marinade, and put the marinade into a saucepan. I added a tablespoon of cornstarch and brought the marinade to a boil and allowed it to thicken. Since the marinade had cooked in the slow cooker along with the chicken and vegetables, I didn’t need to worry about it being unsafe.

Once the marinade had turned into a thicker sauce, I threw the chicken and vegetables back in and made sure they were heated through. I served the dish over cooked rice.

Since this recipe is so versatile with the variety of vegetables than can be used, it’s a great one to make throughout the summer as various produce comes into season. It makes really delicious kabobs done on the grill, but now I know it can also be thrown in the slow cooker to make what I’m calling un-kabobs for a different way to get a large variety of seasonal vegetables into one meal.

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Slow cooker honey chicken and veggie un-kabobs
When her kabob ingredients marinated for two days and still had no hope of making it to the grill, our food blogger decided to throw them in the slow cooker.