I feel I owe an apology to Snake River Brewing Co. for a photo of their OB-1 beer that I used on yesterday’s post, Organic beer isn’t all organic — yet. The post highlighted the USDA’s exceptions rule, which says beer that isn’t certified organic does not need to use organic hops, and the fight to change that rule.

 I chose the photo because it had the USDA organic seal in it, but it turns out that Snake River Brewing Co. is one of the breweries that chooses to use organic hops even though they could get away with using less expensive nonorganic hops in their organic beer. I'm sorry that I used a photo of their beer.

In a kindly worded comment on the blog post from Chris Erickson, director of Brewing Ops for Snake River, I was made aware that the photo I chose was not a good example for the piece.

Thanks for using the picture of our Organic Beer # 1 (Ob-1). But we are NOT an example of an organic beer with conventional hops!

From day one we committed to our customers and ourselves that we would only use Organic Hops. We currently buy organic hops from Mr. Patrick Leavy. They are of a very high quality and we appreciate his efforts to educate and mandate organic hops! Some misunderstandings do arise that his suggested changes could fix. At first one would naturally assume that organic hops are always used, as word gets out (as in your report) I'm afraid folks will naturally assume organic hops are normally NOT used.

We use them, always have, always will. The beauty of small local breweries is that you can always call and verify with the person who actually brews your beer. We are happy to disclose.

I changed the photo in the original post, but I’m using it here again and letting you know that Snake River Brewing Co. does use organic hops in its organic beer. Snake River Brewing Co. and its Brew Pub are located in Jackson Hole, Wyo.


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Snake River Brewing Co. uses organic hops
Some organic beer brewers do use organic hops, even when the USDA says they don’t have to.