They say you eat and drink with your eyes first, and that’s why it’s important for your food and beverages to look appealing before the first bite and the first sip. As a mother, sometimes the idea of having not only nourishing food on the table, but to have it artistically presented seems like a laughable ideal. (Parents, am I right?)

Admittedly, I often throw presentation to the wind and just concentrate on getting food into the little people at my table, but I was reminded of the beauty of a beautiful presentation recently when the Fuzi company sent me one of their ice molds to try out. I accepted it because I thought it would be a fun gift idea to talk about online, but I ended up finding that I really enjoyed using these super sized ice spheres!

What you see in this picture is one of my herbal kombuchas served in a fancy cocktail cup with a fuzi ice cube. I have to say, it did make me enjoy my kombucha even more! I suddenly felt much less like a harried mother rushing through life, to a sophisticated mother who enjoys her food and drink in a dignified manner.

These type of ice cubes are very popular in many of the Portland restaurants. We have been served both the very large square cubes and ones like this one. Besides looking really cool, they actually have a very good use – they melt much slower than small ice cubes, thus not diluting your drink. This mold is perfect for those who enjoy whiskey or cocktails, or who host parties where it is served. 

I like this mold as it doesn’t take up much room in your freezer and refrigerator. And yes, I think it would make a very fun gift. 

Sphere ice cube mold: A great gift idea
This could make a great gift for the hard to buy for person on your list! It also adds professional class when serving homemade cocktails.