There’s a part of me that knows I should have probably thought, “Uh uh,” when I read about Starbucks' latest latte creation, but in reality, I think I want to try it. The newest Starbucks latte is inspired by the taste of stout beer. The coffee chain is calling it the Dark Barrel Latte

I love Guinness Stout and I love coffee, so I’m curious. Of course, I also love pumpkin and I love coffee, but I think the Pumpkin Spice Latte is awful. That could be because there’s no pumpkin in that drink, only flavored syrup. That will be true of the Dark Barrel Latte, too. There will be no stout beer — no alcohol of any kind — in this drink. It will be flavored with “caramel and ‘stout flavored’ sauce.”

There won’t be an opportunity for me to try the coffee that Starbucks says is “inspired by the rise in craft beer” unless it succeeds in the test markets of Florida and Columbus, Ohio. I can’t get one here in South Jersey yet. Since there's no opportunity to taste one, I turned to Instagram to see what people who did try the #darkbarrellatte are saying.

There were some encouraging comments.

  • lip quivering good
  • #ilikeit
  • forget #PSL
  • I #love it yumm taste like fall
  • I might have an addiction
I only saw one negative comment. That person said they’d like the sweetness of the drink to be “more subtle.”

If you’ve had the opportunity to try a Dark Barrel Latte, let us know what you thought of the drink in the comments.

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Starbucks testing stout-flavored latte
Like its Pumpkin Spice Latte with no pumpkin in it, Starbucks beer-inspired, Dark Barrel Latte will have no alcohol in it.