I came across these cute tags for wine bottles at Poptags.com. I think a bottle of wine is the perfect hostess gift (at least it’s my favorite thing to receive), but I also think that it needs to be presented specifically as a gift to the hostess (or host) of a party. That way the hostess understands that it is a gift and not a contribution to the party. If she wants to open the bottle and share it with the guests, she can, but she can also put it away to enjoy at another time.

The simple act of putting a gift tag on a bottle of wine is all you need to do to designate that it’s a gift. These tags are made from recycled paper, and they have fun sayings on them that show you don’t take your wine too seriously.

Some of the sayings:

  • Nothing says Thank You like a bottle of wine I know nothing about
  • Regifted With Love
  • Luckily your taste in wine isn’t as good as your taste in friends
  • You deserve THE BEST. I could afford THIS. Happy Holidays.
Of course, you don’t need to buy tags when you’re giving wine as a gift. It would be easy to make them yourself. If you're giving wine as a gift during the holidays, this is a great way to recycle old Christmas cards. Cut a pretty scene out from the front a card and write a message on the blank back. Punch a hole in the card and attach it with some ribbon.

If you’re not the handmade type though, these tags from Poptags will do the trick. 

Image courtesy of poptags.com

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Tagging your wine gifts in recyclable style
Let your hostess know your bottle of wine is a gift with these fun tags.