I got to be a fly on the wall at the taping of the pilot of a show currently in production called “Taste That Town.” My friend Jill is one of the hosts of the show, and I was able to follow her and the rest of the cast and crew as they filmed at Cape May Winery in New Jersey.  

While the show is not specifically environmentally or local foods oriented, the first day’s filming took the cast and crew to two N.J. locations where the environment was front and center. Before heading to the winery, “Taste That Town” spent the morning on Cape May’s Skimmer Salt Marsh Safari where they took an eco-tour and learned about the importance that marshes play in keeping the environment healthy.

After the skimmer ride, they made their way to Cape May Winery where they learned about production at a small, local winery from the growing of the grapes to the corking of the bottles.

I’m excited for this show, not just because the pilot episode was filmed in my backyard of South Jersey, but also because the producers are willing to make the environment one of the many features of their show.

I had the opportunity to ask executive producer Ryan Mayfield a few questions about “Taste That Town.”

MNN: What will "Taste That Town" be about?
Ryan Mayfield: “Taste that Town’s” primary goal is to experience not only the popular attractions and eateries that each town we visit has to offer, but also to discover the hidden treasures and unique qualities and inspirations behind every town we taste. Our show is 100 percent unscripted and spontaneous, which we feel adds a sense of reality to the show so our viewers will be able to relate to each of our very talented hosts "like they were there with them" sharing in their experiences.
Why New Jersey?
What a beautiful place to start! Although our show is designed to explore towns all across America, we chose New Jersey for our pilot because most of our cast and crew reside here.
How do you choose the locations that you will feature?
It was a combination of us reaching out to locations and some of them contacting us. We visited every interested location, talked to the owners and staff, tasted their food, sipped their wines, rode on their boats, and sampled their ice creams. It's a tough job, but someone had to do it. We ended up with a fantastic assortment of places to visit while traveling through Southern New Jersey!
You filmed at the Skimmer Salt Marsh Safari and the Cape May Winery on the day I joined you. Both locations have environmental tie-ins. Will the environmental/sustainable/green aspects of locations you shoot at be brought to attention on the show if it's appropriate?
Absolutely! Especially when we have a segment like the Skimmer Salt Marsh Safari. What an incredible day we spent with Captain's Ed and Ginny learning about the coastal salt marsh and the role it plays in our environment. It is a must-visit; bring your camera and get ready to learn some truly amazing things.
There is no definite news on when and where “Taste That Town” will air, but Mayfield told me that a “very prominent network” has been in contact with them, but he can’t divulge anything else just yet.
I look forward to when “Taste That Town” airs its pilot episode. I like that the producers are focusing on both popular attractions and hidden gems. I like that the hosts are intelligent, beautiful women of varying ages who are as comfortable in their shorts and T-shirts on a Skimmer as they are in dresses and heels at a winery (and also in poodle skirts, but you’ll have to check out the videos on “Taste That Town’s” website to see why).
To keep up with “Taste That Town” and to find out when it will air, follow the show on Facebook.


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Tasting the Town
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