Keeping hydrated during the winter is no easy feat; what with heaters pumping out dry air, and most of us exercising less (and becoming less mindful of water intake because of it), it's hard to remember to get as much liquid as you need. But it's worth the effort; not only does drinking plenty of liquids keep skin plump and happy, it can also help fight viruses and bacteria (dry mucous membranes make it easier for germs to get past the body's defense systems). But oftentimes it's too chilly — or just plain unappetizing — to drink water all day long. That's where herbal teas (technically teasanes) can come in handy. Allowing you some flavor, plenty of warm hydration (and an excuse to get up from your desk or take a break from work), many of them are also made with herbs that are specifically beneficial to winter-menaced skin. 

I've tried each of the teas below (save for the last, which I added for those struggling with acne), and can vouch for the flavor — and benefits — ever since I began washing with oils and drinking skin-enhancing teas, my dermis has never looked better. (And for you caffeine-enjoying tea drinkers out there, yes, it seems that black and green teas also confer some very real skin benefits; just remember to drink an extra glass of water or non-caffeinated tea to balance out the drying effects of the caffeine!) 

Yogi skin detox tea

Yogi Teas' Skin Detox is my fave; with burdock and yellow dock root (which are used by herbalists to alleviate psoriasis and other dry skin issues), dandelion root (for liver cleansing), rose petal and hibiscus for a natural vitamin C boost (C keeps skin clear), and orange peel and a bit of stevia leaf for flavor, it is tasty, light and often reached-for in my home and office. 

Get gorgeous herb tea

The Republic of Tea also makes a skin-centric concoction, called Get Gorgeous, containing rooibus (an antioxidant rich African bush) and chasteberry, which is balancing to women's hormones. 


Skin smart teas from Tea Forte

Tea Forte offers a small line of skin-fortifying teas, called skin smart teas, which includes concoctions such as cherry marzipan, honey yuzu and lychee coconut. They are, according to the company, "meticulously blended to work with the body's chemistry to help protect and take care of the skin from within. These teas deliver the detoxifying effects of abundant plant-based antioxidants, a strong tool in skin recovery and the fight against visible signs of skin ageing."

Sharon Hubbs-Kraft herbal blend for acne

Sharon Hubbs-Kraft is a certified herbalist who created this blend of acne-fighting plants and roots (via LocalHarvest) herself (and every order is made up fresh). The burdock, red clover, milk thistle and oat straw work "with the liver where most skin conditions stem from. These herbs are blood purifiers and will help to balanace related realted to acne break outs." This tea is a bestseller for Sharon, and she adds, "Tea may also be added to Witch Hazel and applied directly to problem skin areas if desired." 

For more challenging skin problems (psoriasis, chronic acne), check out herbal tea regimens like this one from SuppleSkin, which can support healing from those more deeply-rooted issues.

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Tasty herbal teas for gorgeous skin
Turn your daily winter warm-up into a skin-helping quaff.