If I ever have a question about tea, I turn to Philadelphia’s expert tea lover, consultant and writer, Alexis Siemons of Teaspoons and Petals. Alexis is immersed in the culture of tea, and her passion is educating others about preparing, drinking, and cooking with tea. Her latest project is a professionally-produced web series, “The Alexis Show,” for The Daily Tea website.

Here’s a sneak peak of “The Alexis Show.”

I’ve been immersed this spring in creating various simple syrups and shrub syrups, and I love that in that quick minute, I learned how to make a simple syrup infused with tea. I’m looking forward to learning more from Alexis and her show.

“The Alexis Show” will run throughout the summer, starting with three mini episodes, including the one above where she creates watermelon basil tea skewers. Ten full-length, weekly cooking with tea webisodes will kick off the second week of July and run until mid-September.

I asked Alexis if she could let us in what’s to come in those full-length episodes.

“Viewers,” she says, “will learn how to make campfire tea ice cream sandwiches, masala chai tea pickled peaches, and green mint tea gazpacho.” Some of the episodes are filmed on location in Philadelphia, including Di Bruno Bros. where she’ll offer a lesson on pairing tea and cheese.

If you’re not sure how well tea works in recipes, let me point you to Alexis’ Chai Tea S’mores. These grown up versions of the classic sweet treat are made with homemade graham crackers infused with chai tea, and they’re amazing.

If you’re in the Philadelphia region, you can learn from Alexis in person. She’ll be teaching a Tea Seeped Sips & Bites Workshop on July 20 at Cultureworks in Center City Philadelphia.

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'The Alexis Show' will inspire you to cook with tea
Tea consultant and writer Alexis Siemons shares her love of tea infused foods in a new weekly web series for The Daily Tea.