I was sent two .4L Vapur reusable bottles to test out, but they’re not really bottles. Vapur is an “Anti-Bottle” because it can fold up when not full unlike traditional bottles.

The BPA-free bottles are made from three layers of plastic. The inner layer is made from FDA-approved polyethythene. The outer layers strength and durability. The bottles (and I’ll call them bottles just because it’s easier) are top rack dishwasher safe. They are also freezable and can be used like an icepack (although I didn’t test that particular claim out).

I had my boys use the Vapurs to take water to school for a while after they declared them “cool looking.” Here are my conclusions based on our use.

Pros of the Vapur Anti-Bottle

  • They don’t leak. This is really important. I’ve been sent many reusable bottles that I’ve tested in my boys lunchboxes that have leaked after been tossed around inside their lunchboxes and backpacks.
  • They are lightweight. This lessens the weight of my boys’ lunchboxes and their backpacks.
  • Kids think they are cool.
  • They are great to throw in a backpack in case you unexpectedly need a water bottle. They aren’t bulky at all when unfilled.
Cons of the Vapur Anti-Bottle
  • The plastic cap that goes on the lid is clear and easy to lose. In fact, on day one, we lost a cap.
  • My dishwasher doesn’t have a thing on the top rack for me to put in small items, and I didn’t want to put the remaining cap and the two lids (that are sports-bottle like) into the bottom of the dishwasher for fear they’d melt. So I had to separate them when washing and hope that the tops didn’t get lost while the bottoms were in the dishwasher.
  • The caribeners that are attached to the Vapurs need to come off when washed. We ditched them after a couple of washings. Too much of a hassle.
  • While they are good for lunches and some other needs, they aren’t big enough (even in the .5L size) for how much water my boys would need on a sports field. A different bottle is needed for sports.
Unlike some other bottles I’ve tested out, the Vapur bottles will continue to get use from my family, although a connected cap would make them a bit more convenient.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

The Vapur Anti-Bottle
How does a reusable bottle that’s not a bottle hold up?