Earlier this week, I mentioned I'm trying my hand at making limoncello for the first time and needed something to do with all the leftover lemon juice after infusing the liquor with the lemon peels. It’s going to take about a month until I have something drinkable, but in the meantime, I have some all-natural Villa Massa Limoncello in my freezer that’s ready to drink now.

Villa Massa sent me a sample, and with the warm weather beginning to push its way in, you bet I'll be enjoying a glass of the sweet liqueur after dinner frequently.

The recipe Villa Massa uses is an Italian family recipe that dates back to 1890, and the bottle contains only alcohol infused with Sorrento Oval Lemon peels, purified water and sugar. The beautiful yellow color comes from the lemon peel, not from artificial coloring. Some off-the-shelf brands of limoncello use artificial colors and additives, so it’s good to know that there are brands out there that don’t.

I’ve been learning about the European designations for food and drink recently. My education started last fall when I attended the Legends from Europe dinner. It was explained that the Protected Designation of Origin seal is placed on certain products to ensure they are quality products from the regions where they originated, like the Prosciutto di Parma ham from the Parma region of Italy.

The Sorrentine lemons used in Villa Massa Limoncello have a European designation, a Protected Geographical Indication. They are grown only in Sorrento, Italy in a mild micro-climate, allowing slow maturation of the lemons. Villa Massa uses an organically-based technique with integrated pest control that uses pathogens as natural enemies of pests. Water is managed by dikes that are dug around the lemon trees, creating a reservoir for rainwater for the plants during the hottest months.

Villa Massa Limoncello is clean tasting and sweet and the citrus shines through. It’s refreshing by itself, or it can be used as a cocktail ingredient. Villa Massa sent a few cocktail recipes along.


  • 1 oz. Villa Massa Limoncello
  • 3 oz. Prosecco
Pour chilled Villa Massa Limoncello into a champagne flute. Top with Prosecco and stir gently.


  • 1 oz. Villa Massa Limoncello
  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 2 oz. Orange juice
  • 1 oz. Lemon juice
  • 3/4 oz. Simple syrup
Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain over ice.

The liqueur can also be served over fruit salad in place of a salad dressing, as a topping for ice cream, or even a flavoring for coffee or tea.

Wine, beer and spirits disclaimer: I am not paid by any producer of wine, beer or spirits to write about their product, although the company may provide me with a sample of the product. I am not a professional reviewer of wine, beer or spirits. I'll write about the product if it's something that I like and if I think the producer is working toward making the product in an environmentally friendlier fashion.

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Try Villa Massa Limoncello while you're waiting for your homemade liqueur to mature
This all-natural limoncello is made from an Italian family recipe over a century old.