Happy spring! As I type this, the forecast calls for snow, but I don’t care. It’s finally spring — at least on the calendar. It was only two months ago that I was having fun creating hot cocktails like the Apple Cinnamon Hot Cocktail to sip in front of the fireplace, but I don’t want hot cocktails now. I'm ready to move on to warmer weather imbibing, even if the weather isn’t quite warm yet.

Stemmari RoseI'm ushering in spring with an Italian wine, Stemmari Rosé. I’ve written about Stemmari before when I was introduced to Baci Vivaci, a low-alcohol, slightly bubbly, dry white wine that’s like “lively kisses” on your tongue.

Stemmari Rosé is made from 100 percent Nero d’Avola. My first sensation after sipping this deep-pink hued wine was one of warmth, and I realized it's a nice wine to transition from the hot toddies and bold red wines of winter into the lighter wines of warmer weather. It tastes a bit of strawberries and cherries that are warm right off the vine and there’s an ever-so-slight spiciness to it. I wouldn’t chill this wine too much. It wouldn't want it room temperature like a red, but I wouldn’t want it crispy cold like a white either.

The makers of Stemmari take sustainably seriously. Check out the companies Green Management page to read about their use of alternatives to chemicals, water management, solar energy and their environmental certifications.

Stemmari suggests pairing this rosé with appetizers, light vegetables, fried fish, fish cooked in oven, white meat dishes and grilled fish.

The 2014 Stemmari Rose is a nice value wine. It has a suggested retail price of $9.99

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Usher in spring with a rose (the wine, not the flower)
Stemmari Rosé has a warmth that's perfect for early spring with fresh berry and fruit flavors that promise the season to come.