Have you ever found yourself with a bottle of wine and no corkscrew? All is not lost if you have the ingenuity of MacGyver. There are some clever ways to get that bottle open without breaking the glass — or hurting yourself. When it comes to these creative methods to get the cork out, it's better to show, not tell.

Break out the toolbox

A screw, a screwdriver and a hammer will do the trick.

Grab a wooden spoon

When all else fails, push the cork in.

Take your shoe off and 'Boom boom boom, wine!'

This is exactly how I imagine this trick would work if I tried it.

Use a key

If you're doing this when you're not at home, I'd suggest not using the key you're going to need to drive your car or the one you'll need to open your door once you get home — just in case.

Dig the bike pump out of the shed

Science! This is my favorite.

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5 ways to open a bottle without a corkscrew
Don't have a bottle opener? Summer your inner MacGyver with these tips.