For the second week, I have no Weight Watchers update. I went. I tried to sign in using my Fast Pass (it’s a pre-pay option offered), but it was denied. I was quite unhappy and unwilling to pay to weigh in that night because of their mistake. I’m trying to work it out with the local Weight Watchers organization right now. In fact, I just received an email from them. Hopefully, it will all be worked out by next Wednesday when my meeting is scheduled.

So, let’s move away from that because it’s really an unsettled matter and on to some pieces this week that caught my interest.

  • Perhaps this will explain why I was so angry about the mix up at Weight Watchers (look at that, apparently, I haven’t moved away from it). Time reports that the self-control needed for dietingleads people to become irritable and aggressive at inappropriate times.”
  • Slate has an interesting piece on whether or not organic wine is good for the environment. The answer, it seems, is quite complicated.
  • A while back I told you about Google’s new Recipe Search. Food52 has a few thoughts about the search feature, specifically about how it favors the large food sites and might not lead searchers to the best recipes.
  • Don’t be a quitter — at least not a coffee quitter. Eating Well had 5 good reasons not to quit coffee, and I’ll cling to every last one of them if someone tries to convince me my morning coffee(s) is a bad habit.
  • The Chicago Tribune recalls Elizabeth Taylor’s food and feasting. I’ve been inspired to cook the Chasen’s Chili mentioned in the piece this weekend, and if it’s any good, I’ll tell you about it next week.
Enjoy your weekend!

Photo: Matt Callow/Flickr

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