It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.

Consumers are now taking into consideration what their beverages are packaged in when they chose a drink, not just what’s inside the package.


Recyclable and recycled content are the most important environmental attributes consumers look for in beverage packaging, and many have changed what types of packaging they buy based on environmental impacts, says a new survey.

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My junk food weakness of choice, the Pop Tart, is getting its own store in Times Square. My excitement was short lived, however, when Fooducate broke down exactly what’s in a Blueberry Pop Tart. My desire for a Pop Tart has been quelled for a while.

In a bold and expensive branding move, Kellogg’s has leased 3000 square feet of  prime real estate in New York’s Times Square to set up a Pop Tarts store.  From the company press release:


Customers will be able to eat Pop-Tarts “sushi,” order a customized pastry or create a custom box filled with a mix of their favorite flavors. They can suggest new types of Pop-Tarts, select a Pop-Tarts T-shirt made by specialty artists or get “frosted” and “wrapped in foil” by a light show.

Click here to read the full piece and see the breakdown of the ingredients in a Pop Tart.


The New York Times is reporting that doctors in Massachusetts are embracing the old saying, “An apple day…”

The farm stand is becoming the new apothecary, dispensing apples — not to mention artichokes, asparagus and arugula — to fill a novel kind of prescription.


Doctors at three health centers in Massachusetts have begun advising patients to eat “prescription produce” from local farmers’ markets, in an effort to fight obesity in children of low-income families. Now they will give coupons amounting to $1 a day for each member of a patient’s family to promote healthy meals.

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Just for fun, check out Food & Wine’s slideshow of The World’s Weirdest Food Festivals. You can find out where festival-goers throw 250,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other and where you can get a garlic lollipop.


Enjoy your weekend!


Image: Matt Callow


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.