Two weeks ago for the weekend reads I linked you to some things I thought might put you in a good mood. This week, I’m taking you in the other direction with things that might want to make you bang you head against the wall. They make me want to.


Marion Nestle reports that Mead-Johnson is introducing a toddler chocolate formula. I wasn’t aware that toddlers needed formula. They can eat, right?

Mead-Johnson, the company that prides itself on its “decades-long patterning of infant formulas after breast milk,” now goes one better.  It sells chocolate- and vanilla-flavored formulas for toddlers, fortified with nutrients, omega-3s, and antioxidants. 


The company’s philosophy: Your toddler won’t drink milk?  Try chocolate milk! 

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Do you look for the USDA organic seal on packaged food? It seems Snyder’s of Hanover is hoping you do look, but that you don’t look too closely. On an un-organic, but “natural” product, they’ve created a seal that mimics the USDA organic seal, and earned the title “UNBELIEVABLE Greenwash” from the Fun Times Guide.

Ok, so we're not really the type of folks to throw out the greenwashing penalty flag, but this is just ridiculous. Snyder's of Hanover has ripped off the design of the USDA Organic seal to simply list product ingredients...and ingredients that aren't even organic
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KFC is doing something about fake food waste. Perhaps the company wants us to think that they’ve been making their scary Double Down sandwich with a bun first, then removing the bun and throwing it in the garbage. But now, KFC has had a crisis of conscience and will be donating those buns not used for the Double Down to charity. Some of those otherwise “wasted” buns are making their way to The Food Bank of South Jersey, and that’s a good thing, but the story behind the donation is ridiculous.

All our years, we never thought a fast-food menu item would be able to afflict a nation with a case of hang-wringing existential strife. That was, of course, before KFC introduced the Double Down “sandwich,” which swaps out a bun for two chicken patties. It’s gross, yes — but it’s also nothing more than a protein-heavy, attention-commanding gimmick, and branding it as some sort of bacon-laden Tool of Lucifer does nothing more than bolster its already-formidable notoriety.
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The Child Nutrition Bill is really important, but it doesn’t seem important to Congress. It’s absurd that something in such need of improvement is languishing.

Jamie Oliver, Michelle Obama, a group of former military generals, and 550,000 others agree that America’s schools need help serving healthier school lunches. Yet the Child Nutrition Bill on Congress’ docket this year is stalled in the Senate and completely absent in the House.
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After you finish banging your head against the wall, enjoy your weekend!


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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Weekend reads: absurdities
Marion Nestle reports that Mead-Johnson is introducing a toddler chocolate formula. I wasn't aware that toddlers needed formula. They can eat, right?