It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.


Before you do anything else this weekend, make sure the eggs you’ll be making weekend brunch with are safe. Over the past week about 380 million eggs have been recalled from Wright County Egg because of reports of salmonella outbreaks in California, Colorado and Minnesota. I have to say I was very glad to be able to tell my husband that we didn’t have to worry about this specific outbreak because I know the exact farm that our eggs come from.


We have a full list here on MNN of the affected egg brands and the packaging information you need to look for if you think your eggs might be affected. Make sure you check it out.



I wonder if there is a legal drinking age for cows? In Canada, ranchers are creating a new gourmet beef by giving their cows red wine daily. Apparently, after they are done their daily drink, they moo a little bit more and are more relaxed. I bet they’re a lot easier for kids to tip over at night, too. (Not that I advocate anyone going cow tipping.)

There is a new type of gourmet beef steadily gathering dedicated fans throughout the meat market. Last November Canadian cattle ranchers began feeding red wine to their herds, and the product has been met with thunderous applause from everyone from regular consumers to top Canadian chefs.


Sezmu Meats' fifth generation rancher, Jandince Ravndahl came up with the idea, according to the Vancouver Sun. She was inspired by a cooking show that showed pigs being fed beer. Wine appeared a better alternative since beer caused bloating, so last November she began feeding her Angus cows one liter of homemade red wine each day. For a typical cow one liter is about equivalent to one glass for a human. 

Click here for the full story of Food Safety News.



If you’re going to be in the Charlottesville, VA area on September 11, you might want to check out the Top of the Hops Beer Festival that will showcase 150 craft beers. Several Virginia breweries will be represented as well as world-class craft beers from around the rest of the country and the world.

----------------------------------------- has a review of a book called "Substituting Ingredients: The A to Z Kitchen Reference." I could have really used this book last night when I wanted to make something that needed evaporated milk, and I didn’t have any. So it didn’t get made.

The next time a recipe calls for an ingredient you don't have stocked in your kitchen, save yourself a trip to the store.


In the new edition of Substituting Ingredients, the most comprehensive since its original printing in 1986, food writer Becky Sue Epstein lists more than 1,000 ingredient substitutions for those times when you run out of milk or can't find any cardamom in your spice rack. Don't have enough lemon juice? Use lemon peel instead, or try vinegar or lime juice, Epstein advises. No shortening? Butter or margarine can be used interchangeably with shortening in baking.

Click here for the full review.


Enjoy your weekend!


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Weekend reads: Drunken cows, toxic chicken eggs, a big beer fest and more
Before you do anything else this weekend, make sure the eggs you'll be making weekend brunch with are safe.