I don’t have a Weight Watchers update for you this week because I got snowed out of going to my weekly weigh in. I’ll let you know next week if missing a meeting set me back or not.


What I do have for you today are a few pieces you might be interested in about people who are making a difference in food.

  • The Daily Meal thinks it knows who the top 50 most powerful people in food are. Take a look at their list and see if you agree with #1.
  • One of the people near the top of that list is Michelle Obama (and rightfully so). The first lady is upset with food manufacturers that are rushing to create new front-of-package labeling before the FDA sets its new rules.
  • As I told you earlier today, Mark Bittman will be moving on from The Minimalist column at The New York Times to focus on a weekly opinion column and a column for paper’s weekly magazine. He chooses his 25 favorite recipes from over the years in one of his last columns.
  • Last week, Jamie Oliver filled a school bus in L.A. where he’s filming his next season of “Food Revolution” with 57 tons of sugar (actually, it was sand) to make a point about how much sugar school children are getting in their milk each day.
  • Okay, he may not be a huge mover and shaker anymore, but back in my day, Emilio Estevez and his Brat Pack friends were a major influence on a generation of X’ers. He’s now the owner of a small vineyard on his home property, and he’s learning a lot about life from tending his vines. 
Enjoy your weekend!


Image: Matt Callow 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.