Earlier this week, I told you that the Edible Communities won the James Beard Journalism Award for Publication of the Year. Many other awards were given out, and there was much written about them. If you want to get a handle on who won and what people think about the winners and the awards themselves, read on.

  • Marion Nestle, on her Food Politics blog, pointed out that the Journalism portion of the awards recognized the food movement with several of the awards and highlights several of the awards that were given to those moving food in the right direction.
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights the women that made their mark in the 2011 James Beard Awards. They won in at least five categories, including best New York City chef.
  • Time addresses the growing murmurs in the food world that not everyone believes the awards are completely fair.
  • Over at The Huffington Post, we get a recap of the awards from a first-timer attending the awards.
  • Finally, over at JamesBeard.org, you can find a list of all the winners in all the categories and several videos from the awards.
Enjoy your weekend!

Photo: Matt Callow/Flickr

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.