Earlier this week, I signed up to attend another food swap that will be held toward the end of the month. Now, I’m thinking about what I’ll be putting in the jars that I’ll be swapping for other homemade goodies.


Because there’s a bit of a canning and homemade food movement going on right now, jars are kind of hip. People are finding all sorts of uses for them outside of holding homemade small batch quince preserves. I’ve been seeing lots of clever ideas for using jars that have nothing to do with food. Here are a few that have struck me as very useful.


  • Turn it into a match container. A Foothill Home Companion took a box of matches, but the matches in the jar and cut a circle out of the box to fit the lid, making sure the striking part of the box was in the circle. I frequently have a box of matches fall apart before I use all the matches, or the box gets left outside, gets wet and all are ruined. This takes care of those problems.
  • Light up the outdoors by hanging tea lights or votives in jars. You can use canning jars or clean jars from spaghetti sauce or jelly for this. Offbeat Bride has some instructions for how to hang them.
  • Organize your cotton balls, Q-tips and other bathroom staples with a wall jar organizer. Lovely Little Details shows how easy it is to make one with a painted board, large pipe clamps and wide mouth jars.
  • Use a jar as a travel mug. MNN’s home blogger Matt wrote about the Cuppow, that “a custom-molded, BPA-free recyclable plastic lid that instantly transforms your standard Mason or Bell jar into a nifty little reusable drinking vessel,” or as Matt says, “Mason jar sippy cups.”

Enjoy your weekend!


Image: Matt Callow

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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