No Weight Watchers update this week. Crazy baseball practice schedule x 2 boys made it impossible to get to the weigh in. I’m working on making sure that doesn’t happen again next week.

I thought I’d focus this weekend’s reads on ways that different people and organizations are helping the people in Japan after last week’s devastating earthquake. MNN’s own Andrew Schenkel has a great list of large organizations on his blog about ways to help. There are many individuals that are doing things to help, too. These are just a few of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of small fundraising efforts that will help contribute to the huge amount needed to help Japan.

  • The Sushi Day Store is donating all its proceeds from this month from its sales of Sushi Day shirts and sushi kits.
  • Red White Unite is organizing a group of restaurants in Seattle to donate 10 percent of their total sales on April 6 to Peace Winds America who will use it help Japan.
  • Staple News has a video about a noodle shop owner in Japan who lost his home, but he’s serving customers free noodles in his restaurant.
  • On Ciao Samin, the blog that organized a bake sale during the Haiti last year and raised $23,000, a bake sale for Japan on April 2 is being organized.
  • Prima Restaurant in Walnut Creek, California will hold an online and in-store silent wine auction on March 23. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to help Japan.
Enjoy your weekend!

Image: Matt Callow 

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