It's been a long week. A very long week. Since I have one of the best jobs in the world, you don't often see me shouting "TGIF," but I'm shouting it today.


After a week such as this, I'm looking even more forward to my Friday night bottle of red wine. Since my thoughts are on wine and the weekend, I thought I'd share some wine reads for the weekend.


  • Slate's piece on drinking cheap wine was one of the most interesting things I read all week. I often refer to myself as "the queen of the $10 bottle" (which is pretty cheap already), but according to Slate, I'd probably be just as happy being "the queen of the $5 bottle" as long as I didn't know it was a $5 bottle. It seems that people tend to enjoy wine when they think it's a more expensive bottle.
  • It's not just price that can change the perception of wine. CNET reports that another recent study concluded that the music being played when drinking a wine also affects the way people perceive it.
  • One of my newest blog finds that I'm enjoying is The Reverse Wine Snob. A blogger named Jon from Minnesota reviews wines that retail for $20 or less. He recently did a series of reviews on seven Carmeneres from Chile. After reading his reviews and researching some of the individual wineries sustainability efforts on their websites, I've got a few bottles I'm hoping to find on my next trip to the wine store.
  • If you end up with leftover wine that's too old to drink, Lifehacker says you can use wine as a fruit and vegetable wash to get rid of germs. Interesting idea, but I can't remember the last time I had leftover wine!

Enjoy your weekend!


Photo: Matt Callow/Flickr

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