If the holiday festivities had you reaching for a hangover remedy one too many times or your jeans are tough to button because you ate more than your share of holiday cookies, observing a Dry January, or Drynuary as some call it, may be on your New Year's resolutions list. Forgoing alcohol for the month of January can give your body a break from the alcohol and your waistline a break from all the calories in wine, beer and spirits that we sometimes ignore.

It can also leave your taste buds bored. We have some solutions to keep you happy so you'll be less tempted to break your resolution.

Hot Buttered Lemonade: For those times when you need to warm up with a hot toddy, but are choosing to leave the toddy out, try this drink to warm you up without the liquor.

chocolate mythsA little cinnamon and spice give hot chocolate a more adult flavor profile. (Photo: Africa studio/Shutterstock.com)

Mexican Hot Chocolate: Adding some paprika and cinnamon to hot chocolate gives it an adult kick without the adult booze.

Iced tea made in the coffee maker: Homemade basic iced tea has never been easier, and following this recipe for iced tea made in the coffee maker will help you keep your sugar and calorie intake down. An 8-ounce glass of this tea has 8 grams of sugar and 32 calories.

Iced Chai Tea: If basic iced tea isn't exciting enough for your taste buds, kick your black tea up several notches with plenty of milk and spices including cardamom, cloves and ginger.

Jamaican Hibiscus Tea: Dried hibiscus flowers, along with ginger and lime, flavor this iced tea.

Sparkling water and bitters: When Alton Brown decided to have an alcohol-free year, he put sparkling water in a rocks glass and added 8-10 drops of bitters to flavor it. Technically, bitters does contain a small amount of alcohol, but the amount added to the sparkling water is negligible.

cranberry-mocktailCranberry mocktails may help you keep your Dry January resolution. (Photo: Jeff Wasserman/Shutterstock.com)

Cranberry Mocktail: There are two recipes for cranberry-flavored non-alcoholic cocktails here. The first has adult flavors including ginger beer (which is naturally non-alcoholic) and bitters. The second is more fruit-forward and sweet with lime seltzer and simple syrup.

Kombucha: Fizzy and fermented, this health drink needs to stand for 7-10 days before you can drink it. Get working on this ASAP so when mid-January hits and your taste buds want something different to drink, it will be ready.

Virgin Bloody Mary: Just because you're forgoing alcohol doesn't mean you have to forgo brunch. A spicy Virgin Bloody Mary is just what Drynuary brunch calls for, and since you won't be nursing a hangover, you won't need the hair-o-the-dog effect a Bloody Mary usually provides.

Fruit Infused Spa Water RecipesFruit-infused water tastes good and looks pretty when served in a Mason jar. (Photo: Kimi Harris)

Fruit-infused water: Put fruit in a Mason jar, fill with water, infuse for 20 minutes, and then drink. Any combination of fruit will do, but we have a few specific suggestions like watermelon mint, lemon cucumber and apple cinnamon.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

What to drink during 'Dry January'
If you're forgoing alcohol this January, keep your taste buds entertained with these non-alcoholic drinks.