I’ve been trying wines from Spain and Portugal recently because I’m trying to branch out with the varietals I drink. Last week, I bought Casal Garcia Vinho Verde simply because I was unfamiliar with it, the price was right, and I liked the label.

This white wine is a blend of Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto and Azal grapes grown in the Vinho Verde wine region of Portugal. I hit four new varietals with just one bottle — not bad. After doing a little research on it, I found that it’s the best-selling Vinho Verde in the world.

The wine is fruity, with pear and lime coming out the most for me. It’s crisp and dry and nicely effervescent for a non-bubbly. I thought it was lovely, and I served it to some friends as we sat around the fire pit last Friday night. Those who drank it were impressed, and even more so when I told them what I paid for it: $5.99 at a discount store. That’s quite a bargain for a wine this nice. When I find a crowd-pleasing wine for $5.99, you can be sure I’ll be buying it for more nights by the fire pit, parties, and other times I have groups over.

According to Aveleda, the producer of Vinho Verde, the winemakers have implemented sustainable agriculture, water conservation, biodiversity and carbon sequestration in the past decade.

I’m happy that this random bottle I pulled off the shelf turned out to be such a crowd-pleasing bargain from a sustainable producer.

Since this is the best-selling Vinho Verde in the world, I’m wondering if anyone has opened a bottle of it before. If you have, let me know what you think of it.

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What to drink this weekend: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
This bargain Portuguese white wine is a crowd-pleaser.