Friends, I'm taking the weekend off from alcoholic beverages (at least that’s the plan). There have been holiday dinners, parties, get-togethers and gift-wrapping sessions galore lately, all involving something good to drink. This weekend between Christmas and New Years, I’m taking it easy and giving my body a rest from the alcoholic drinks and the sugary treats.

I don’t have a special creation of my own to share with you for this weekend, but I thought I’d share this video from Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube. Donal Skehan demonstrates how to make mulled wine. I could watch Donal cook anything. His enthusiasm is contagious.

It looks as if Jamie Oliver created the original recipe for this mulled wine, but Donal did the video for it. I appreciate both reading about the method and seeing it executed. I also appreciate the tip for making sure all the alcohol doesn’t burn off when you make mulled wine. First, you make a base using just a little of the wine and adding all the spices. Once that comes to a boil and becomes syrupy, you can add the rest of the wine without that ever boiling and loosing its “hum,” as Donal calls it.

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What to drink this weekend: Jamie Oliver’s Mulled Wine
Learn the trick to making mulled wine without burning off all the alcohol in this video for a drink that’s perfect for this weekend between the big holidays.