Instead of suggesting a specific drink this weekend, I’m going to suggest a style – Saison beer. I had my first Saison two years ago at a tasting of local libations in Philadelphia. The Victory Swing Session Saison I tasted that day was a new type of beer for me, and I enjoyed it. On my South Jersey Locavore blog, I told my readers about this Philadelphia-based breweries beer.

I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this beer. I usually enjoy dark beers, but this beer was light and peppery and spicy and citrusy and incredibly flavorful, and I loved it. It just screamed “drink me on the balcony while watching the sun go down over the bay this summer.”
This summer, I’ve had the chance to try Saisons from other local breweries, and it’s become one of my favorite styles of beer.

According to the July/August issue of New Jersey Brew, Saison beers were originally brewed for farmers and workers in Belgium to drink during the summer. These fruity and spicy beers were meant to quench the thirst of those working out in the sun with their “refreshing taste, light body, and low to moderate alcohol.” The Saisons that craft breweries are making today often have a higher alcohol content than the original beers brewed for the farm workers, but they have the same thirst-quenching appeal.

Beer Advocate has a list of popular Saisons if you want to take a look at which craft breweries are making them. Or, call your local craft brewery and ask if they have Saison available right now then hop in the car and bring home a 6-pack or growler to drink on these hot, summer, weekend days.

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What to drink this weekend: Saison beer
Find the nearest craft brewery and bring home a growler of this fruity, spicy beer that’s brewed to drink in the summer heat.