The more I try various wines, the more I realize I need to throw away my beliefs that there are certain varietals or types of wine I'll never like. When I enter drinking wine with an open mind, I find that sometimes I do like a Pinot Noir, or once in a while I find a sweet wine that I find enjoyable and not cloying.

Last night, I enjoyed a glass of Snoqualmie Eco Riesling at a restaurant. (I'll have more details about the restaurant in an upcoming post.) It was served with the salad, and I was pleased to find that I enjoyed this riesling, which is on the sweeter side. The wine is made from organically grown riesling grapes in vineyards that use sustainable pest and water management. Energy, water, waste and packaging at the winery are managed to create minimum impact on the environment, according to Snoqualmie sustainability page.

The fruity wine tastes of apples and pears and it has the sweetness of honeysuckle. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much. I used my homemade honeysuckle syrup in just about every beverage I could think of this summer, and I grew very fond of the taste. This riesling was a nice complement to the salad served with an Asian vinaigrette. 

If you enjoy sweet Rieslings, you’ll want to give this wine a try. And, if like me, sweet isn’t usually what you reach for but you’re trying to keep an open mind about wines, I’d recommend you try Snoqualmie Eco Riesling, especially because it’s priced so sweetly. This wine made with organic grapes sells for $12 on the winery’s website and for about $10 at many wine stores across the country. I’ll be on the hunt for some of Snoqualmie’s other varietals now that I’m aware of the winery and its eco-friendly mindset.

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