My current culinary obsession is beverages, both boozy and non-boozy. Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with shrub syrups and honeysuckle syrup to add to drinks. Earlier this spring I made and bottled my own limoncello. So, when I found out that Jamie Oliver has started Drinks Tube, I popped right on over to YouTube to check it out.

In Oliver’s words, Drinks Tube is “a new, fantastic channel which is all about celebrating all things wet! We’re talking wine. We’re talking beer. We’re talking about the very best cocktails.”

Like the other channels on Oliver’s Food Tube, the videos are high quality and professional. They showcase experts in the beverage world who not only know their stuff but are entertaining as well. Each video is short, usually under four minutes, and is instructs you on what to drink or how to make a drink, educates you about a drink category, or mixes the two together like this How to Make Sangria video.

Now I think once my spring of experimenting with syrups is over, my specific summer obsession is going to be experimenting with Sangria.

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What to watch: Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube
Jamie Oliver adds a drinks channel to his Food Tube with short, informative videos about wine, beer and the very best cocktails.