Happy Friday! Tomorrow night I will be celebrating with my family at my niece's wedding, and I know there will be lots of good wine to toast the bride and groom. So, instead of some heavy, political food topic links this weekend, I thought I'd leave you with some wine links.

  • Since I have yet to have the luxury of drinking bottle after bottle of wine in Europe, I don’t have any practical experience with the “European wine doesn’t contain sulfites, therefore it doesn’t give you a headache” debate. But, I’ve had friends come back from Europe and swear it’s true and friends here in the states who avoid wine with sulfites because they swear it gives them headaches. Science seems to disagree. York Daily Record says it has the truth about sulfites in wine. The truth is, they argue, sulfites are in European wine and they aren’t headache inducing. My favorite sentence in the entire piece? “The reason that you didn't get a headache drinking it in Tuscany is that you were on vacation. In Tuscany.” I’d love to be able to test that theory out.
  • Something I have no interest in testing out is the Wine Handbag. Leave it Huffington Post to introduce us to this monstrosity. It’s a box of wine that’s designed to look like a handbag, but it has a big spigot off the side so you can pour the wine from it. It comes in different designs to go with all your special outfits.
  • Spring means asparagus, but asparagus is notoriously difficult to pair with wine. Food & Wine has some suggestions for the right wines to pair with asparagus.
  • And on a sad note, Jim Barrett passed away last month. The wine maker from Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley helped put California’s wine region on the global map in 1976 when his Chardonnay beat out French wines in the famous “Judgment in Paris.” Drink Nation has this great quote from Barrett’s son Bo. “My dad died of a life well-lived.” I’m absolutely going to aspire to have people say that about me when I’m gone.

Enjoy your weekend!

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