Woody Harrelson, already co-owner of a Canadian tree-free paper company, is expanding his green business empire, with the opening of Sage - the world's first organic vegan beer garden. 

The Culver City location, which debuted last month to rave reviews, expands on the original Sage Vegan Bistro located in Echo Park and started by Harrelson's close friend Chef Mollie Engelhart. 

"I loved the concept of an organic beer garden, but I didn't invest in the concept, I really invested in Mollie," Harrelson told HuffPo. "She's amazing. All that you see, hear and taste has everything to do with her and nothing to do with me. I just believed in her, put money in. A lot of people think, 'vegan?' but they don't realize this is the ultimate comfort food."

Sage's menu includes such mouth-watering options such as the Jamaican Jerk Burger, Raw Tacos, Goatless Greek Quinoa Kale Salad, vegan pizzas, and a very large selection of organic, vegan-friendly beer. 

Engelhart, who has also found success as a documentary filmmaker, remains adamant about keeping her menu as locally-sourced as possible. 

"I will change the menu before shopping for produce from half way around the world," she told HuffPo. "We focus on small, traditional California farms that are pesticide-free or certified organic. It's not just about labels, it's about environmental and human impact. Local is as important as organic."

As for Harrelson, he's ecstatic to have aligned himself with someone who shares the same values towards food as his own. 

"I just believed in her and turns out it was the right thing to believe in,” he says

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Woody Harrelson co-owns the world’s first organic vegan beer garden
Actor celebrated the opening of his 'Sage Plant Based Bistro and Beer Garden' in Culver City early last month.