A bottle of beer salvaged from the wreckage of the Hindenburg will be auctioned off tomorrow, and it may fetch $8,000. Unlike an old bottle of really good, drinkable wine with a high price, this bottle is sure to have gotten skunked in the heat of the Hindenburg’s flames and is now half evaporated.

Still, there is a collector or two somewhere who will be willing to pay a lot for this bottle. I don’t want to knock collectors, I’ve got a bookcase of first edition books under glass that I’ve paid more than my husband thinks is reasonable. But just for some Friday fun, let’s think of the good that could come from that $8,000. I’ve got some ideas after the video.

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  • Donate the money to Kiva and fully fund a couple of entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Take $7,500 to the last day of your local farmers market and give a big boost to your local farmers. You’ll probably need the remaining $500 for an EnergyStar freezer to hold your bounty.
  • Buy $8,000 worth of organic beer or beer made at a sustainable brewery like Sierra Nevada and share it with all your friends.
  • Buy 400 bottles of Twitter’s Fledgling Wine, and Twitter will in turn donate $2,000 to Room to Read.
  • Send everyone you know a year’s supply of coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills so you and they can “Drink coffee. Do good.”

If you had a spare $8,000 sitting around right now, how would you do good with it?

Thumbnail photo: Tim Pearce, Los Gotos/Flickr

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.