You know that feeling when you try something for the first time? Or taste something that you’ve hardly ever had before?

Movoto asked three couples from the West Coast to give five Kentucky bourbons a taste. It’s fun to watch, and you’ll laugh out loud as the tastings progress and the couples get a little giddier.

Of course, drinking bourbon straight isn’t the only way to experience the brown liquor. It works as a mixer in cocktails.

  1. Candy Apple Cocktail: Bourbon, apple cider and caramel make a sweet cocktail.
  2. Horse’s Neck: A medicinal cocktail with bourbon and ginger ale
  3. Old-Fashioned: Another cocktail that will cure what ails you, this one combines bourbon with club soda and sugar.
  4. Cranberry Cocktail: Leftover cranberry sauce and bourbon make a unique drink.
  5. Hot Spiced Pear Toddy: A sweet and spiced hot cocktail

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