holiday pie and wine pairings Of course there's a wine that goes with your favorite pie. (Photo: Vivino)

Remember the guide to pairing wine with Halloween candy that recommended what to drink when you raided your kids’ candy bag? The creator of the guide, Vivino, has another wine pairing guide, this time for holiday pies.

As you’re choosing wines for Christmas dinner and other holiday events over the next few weeks, this guide may come in handy. Here, I’ve linked to some of the sustainable wines that I might choose to go with a certain kind of pie.

Sauvignon Blanc for key lime pie

Riesling for apple pie

Chardonnay for pumpkin pie

Champagne/sparkling wine for apple crumble

Pinot Noir for peach pie

Rose for lemon meringue

Merlot for chocolate cream pie

Petite Sirah for blueberry pie

  • Bogle Vineyards Petite Sirah - I’ve never written about this wine here on MNN, but it’s one I enjoy, and it is from a sustainable vineyard.

Syrah for cherry pie

Muscat/Muscato for pecan pie

  • Bocchino Sori Dei Fiori Moscato D'asti - I haven't written about this wine, either, but I recently went to a tasting of Moscato D'asti wines from Italy and this wine is sweet and well balanced, making it (and other Moscato D'asti wines) a good pairing for something as sweet as a pecan pie.
If you can’t find these wines at your wine store, if you’d like some other options, download the Vivino app for your phone. You can use it at the wine store to scan a wine’s label and get information about the wine, including users’ ratings, tasting notes and average price.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Your guide to pairing wine with holiday pies
What wine goes best with pumpkin pie? How about key lime pie? This handy chart will make your pie and sustainable wine pairings easy.