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10 great eco-bars

By: Jessica Knoblauch on Feb. 23, 2010, 5:24 a.m.
Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland, Ore.

Photo: Courtesy Hopworks Urban Brewery

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Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland, Ore.

Hopworks, Portland’s first brewpub to offer all organic, handcrafted beers, goes above and beyond in green brewery with a host of eco-friendly elements such as using hops typically grown within a day’s drive, running the brew kettle and delivery truck on biodiesel, using excess heat from the pizza oven to warm water used for brewing beer, irrigating its landscaping with rainwater runoff from the roof, using a reflective roof
to mitigate the need for excessive cooling and turning its used beer kegs into planters. Oh, and its beers regularly clean up in the tasting awards. (Text: Jessica A. Knoblauch)