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10 images of alcohol as art

By: Katherine Butler on Oct. 19, 2011, 9:19 a.m.
Whiskey photographed under a microscope

Photo: Courtesy of BevShots

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Drinkable art?

Alcohol has played an important role in modern civilization since man first discovered how to ferment grapes. Experts believe that wine-making may have originated in the mountains of what is now modern Armenia around 6000 to 4000 BCE. Today, the art of creating alcohol is practiced around the world. Alcohol is everywhere, but have you ever thought of it as art? Have you ever seen your favorite drink through a microscope? BevShots is the brain child of researcher Michael Davidson, who first photographed crystallized drinks on a lab slide. The company maintains a catalog of microscopic slides of beer, wines and cocktails remade into art. Pictured here is whiskey. (Text: Katherine Butler)