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5 awesome green wineries

By: chief on Feb. 18, 2010, 4:41 p.m.
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Navarro Vineyards

What's cuter than fuzzy, little, baby-doll sheep? Fuzzy, little baby-doll sheep that are helping keep carbon emissions out of our air. Navarro Vineyards in Northern California uses the wooly critters—instead of lawnmowers—to keep their rows between grape plants clear. According to vineyard owner Ted Bennett, "Half of the time spent on the tractor is used to eliminate weeds. By replacing the tractors with sheep, they eliminate half of the fuel [we] would have otherwise used."

The wine isn't certified organic but the vineyard is taking a myriad of eco-steps by growing cover crops and endemic grasses, keeping a no-till policy to increase the longevity of the soil, composting all of the winery waste and refraining from herbicide use. Another oh-so-important piece of the sustainable puzzle: They give all of their farm workers health insurance.