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5 foraged cocktail recipes

By: Enrique Gili on Oct. 5, 2011, 5:03 p.m.
Mission fig cocktail

Photo: Enrique Gili

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Mission Fig Cocktail

Deep amber in color and doubly potent, this drink isn't for the faint of heart.
Mission Fig Cocktail


  • 5 or 6 large black mission figs, halved
  • 1 pint vodka
  • 4 ounces tawny port or sherry
  • splash of dry sparkling wine
  • fig sprig to garnish (optional)
Time estimates

Prep time: 10 minutes, plus one week to infuse vodka


  1. Fill about 1/3 of a pint-sized mason jar with figs. Top with vodka. Shake well and store in a cool dark place for about 1 week. Shake periodically. At the end of one week, the vodka should be deep amber in color. Strain contents into a sealable container. Reserve extra for future use.
  2. Pour 1.5 oz. of the fig- infused vodka into a cocktail glass. Top with tawny port and finish with dry sparkling wine. Fresh figs to garnish. If the drink is too potent, add ice.

Serves 1