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8 eco-friendly East Coast wineries

By: Sidney Stevens on Jan. 14, 2011, 12:06 p.m.

Photo: Black Ankle Vineyards

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Black Ankle Vineyards, Mount Airy, Md.

Old-style green is new again at Black Ankle Vineyards. The winery’s recently built straw bale tasting room (pictured) is constructed like buildings used to be, with wood, straw and clay from its own forests and fields. Designed for energy efficiency, it sports a partial living roof and passive solar design with supplemental heat from a clean-burning masonry fireplace. Out front, a hand-sculpted curved cob wall (another age-old construction method) leads up to an entrance flanked by two tree-trunk columns (also from vineyard lands). Black Ankle follows biodynamic and other sustainable farming methods — think chemical-free pest control, natural compost, and biodiesel-powered tractors — with an eye toward becoming 100 percent organic down the road.