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8 eco-friendly East Coast wineries

By: Sidney Stevens on Jan. 14, 2011, 12:06 p.m.

Photo: Scott Elliff

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DuCard Vineyards, Etlan, Va.

According to owner Scott Elliff, DuCard Vineyards (“a hobby gone wild”) is Virginia’s first and only solar-powered winery. The new tasting room (pictured) sports rooftop solar panels that power not only the building but also the entire winery. DuCard takes sustainability even further by limiting chemical sprays “wherever possible”; serving local cheeses, meats and chocolates using biodegradable tableware in the tasting room (constructed from reclaimed hardwoods); recycling bottle corks for use as flooring through Re-Cork C’Ville; using lightweight bottles for more fuel- and carbon-friendly shipping; and relying on natural pest control that includes fostering dogs from a local no-kill shelter to chase away deer at harvest time. Pets are welcome, and nature-loving oenophiles need only head out back to hike some of Shenandoah National Forest’s premier trails.